No more boozing it up at Sylvan Beach when on the beach. A zero tolerance plan for the alcohol ban goes into effect next week. 

The Sylvan Beach no-alcohol policy has not really been enforced in the past, but it will be now as all coolers will be searched before you can enter the beach.

Sylvan Beach Village Mayor Greg Horan tells that there will be no drinking on the beach. His intention is to have a family atmosphere.

Village officials - in conjunction with the Oneida County sheriff's office, New York state police and a private security firm - are cracking down on alcohol at the beach, Horan said. More complaints have been coming into the village about people drinking on the beach and that leading to disturbances or fights.

If you somehow get alcohol on the beach and you're caught you will be given an open container ticket or worse. A private security firm and extra deputies will be patrolling the beach to get this under control by July 4th.

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