Sylvan Beach Amusement Park was selected by Sony Music as the location for a BULLY Music Video Shoot! Some locals made the video too. Park After Dark Ghost Hunter-James and Park Consultant- Pat who starred as security.

I couldn't find much out about the band itself other than they love milkshakes, root beer, dogs, cats and comics. BULLY's debut album 'Feels Like' will be released June 23, and are accepting pre-orders now.

The band members are Alicia Bognanno, Stewart Copeland, Clayton Parker and Reece Lazarus. Facebook say's their hometown is Nashville. I did find a blog about them on Huffpost with Kelly Frazier saying:

So here in my inbox pops a promo for a band called BULLY, and once I gave the self-titled EP a listen, it actually raised my musical Spidey-sense. Bully is the brainchild of Alicia Bognanno, a Nashville-based singer/songwriter/producer who's paid dues dipping her toes into what seems like every part of the Music City scene.

Ladies and Gentleman let me introduce the band BULLY who shoots their music videos at Sylvan Beach Amusement Park. I'll keep you posted if I find out more.


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