Sometimes the news just writes itself. A man working on a rooftop billboard for a prominent injury law firm fell and was seriously injured.

You've probably seen the commercials for the law firm in question, Cellino & Barnes, or would recognize the faces of the famous attorneys from numerous billboard advertisements. The New York Post has reported that a 49 year-old man is recovering in King's County Hospital, with a fractured back and concussion, after falling 10 feet on to a rooftop this week. The Post says that the man, David Fricker, had been working on one of the law firm's billboards in Brooklyn when the accident occurred.

The man's family is seeking answers from the billboard advertising company for which he was employed. The man's harness had to be removed by doctors at the hospital, which indicates he was actually wearing it when the accident happened.

It is uncertain if the injured employee will actually call Cellino & Barnes for help. But, just in case he needs it, their number is 888-8888.

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