Recently, something happened to me at a grocery store (the deli counter specifically) that blew my mind and still has me thinking..

I like trying to cheat the timing of the deli line, so I can get some other shopping done while I wait. You know, grab my little numbered paper tab out of the machine, then wander around the adjacent produce section and shop for a few things, but still keep the deli in view, so I can monitor the proceedings and maintain my spot in line. Anyway, I finally get my number called, number 50. I place my order for a half pound of Provolone cheese, along with some roast beef and turkey. That's when IT happens.

The deli worker hands over the meats. But before she hands me the cheese, she tells me because I'm number 50, I get a free half pound of cheese. Excuse me. Did I hear that correctly?

And here are ALL of my questions...

Did this freebie occur because I ordered a half a pound of cheese? What if I had ordered THREE pounds? Was it just a lucky one-time coincidence? Or, do delis DO this as some sort of tradition?

Have you ever heard of this deli counter hack?

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