Quarterback Mark Sanchez may have struggled on Sunday, but the New York Jets were able to pull off a win 23-20 in overtime. That’s all that counts right? It was a rough game and we have the full game recap. Sanchez had 21-of-45 for 306 yards and one touchdown. His two interceptions were pretty killer though. However the phrases “Interception” and “Mark Sanchez” in the same sentence is something we are used to hearing by now. Pretty boy Tim Tebow only saw the ball twice, and I have a feeling that the spark of “Tebow Mania” is something that Mark Sanchez doesn’t want to hear. Here’s what else went down in the game:

New York had 388 total yards, but they also had two turnovers and went 6-of-17 on third-down conversions.Miamiwas over 50 percent on third down, but they committed 11 penalties. Darrelle Revis and Reggie Bush both left the game with injuries”

Speaking of Revis, his MRI today will offer a picture into his knee injury and into the Jets’ immediate future.

Will Revis Island be closed for business until 2013? Revis is the best cover corner in the NFL. How good is Revis?Detroit’s Calvin Johnson is the best receiver in the NFL. In a 2010 game inDetroit, Revis held him to one catch for 13 yards. In 2009, Revis held Andre Johnson to four catches for 35 yards. Just to prove it was no fluke, they met again in 2010 and Revis held him to four catches for 32 yards. If Revis is out for the year, or out for an extended period of time if the injury is less severe than a torn ACL, then Ryan will elevate Antonio Cromartie to covering the best receiver and Kyle Wilson steps in as the starter. The dropoff from Revis toWilson in the starting lineup is immeasureable.”

Depending on the results of the MRI, this could make or break out season.



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