If you were one of those kids that received a “talks too much” comment on your school report card, you are not going to like this. 

When you are a talkative person, you tend to get coined as the “social butterfly” of the group, meaning that you are always one to start a conversation – even if it’s with someone you have never even met before. 

So when you wind up in an elevator, with only the quiet undertone of elevator music filling the movable box, you may be inclined to talk to whoever ends up hopping in the elevator to join you for the remainder of your ride. 

But know that if you do speak to another person in an elevator, you are breaking the law. 

It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. In New York state, it is illegal to speak to people on an elevator. 

The recommended way to ride is silently, with hands held in front of you as you face the door. 

The written law says: "While riding in an elevator, one must talk to no one, and fold his hands while looking toward the door." 

It’s unclear why the law exists, but at least it will prevent the awkward conversations I always seem to find myself in. 

One person suggested that the reason may have something to do with the way elevators were once manufactured. When they were first used, elevators were the source of several accidents, with cable jams and breaking. People used to be scared of elevators, and since New Yorkers tend to have their fair share of hand-and-arm movement when conversing, that could be one of the reasons behind New York state passing such a law that has banned talking while in an elevator. This would prevent other riders from accidentally being slapped or slugged while in the elevator. 

Regardless of the reason behind the law, I guess we better learn to get comfortable with the silence…or keep taking the risk of being caught.

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