What would you do if the company you work for overpaid you and wanted the money back one year later? This is what some New Yorkers are experiencing today except it's not your employer, it's the New York State Department of Labor.

If you were unemployed in 2020 you might have to give back some of the money you received in benefits. According to the New York State DOL, they were trying to get initial pandemic funds out so quickly that they made the mistake of over paying. Now they want the money, but do you have to give it back?
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The NYS DOL Facebook Page, states that they are required by federal law to recover the payments BUT you can request an appeal or a waiver for NYS DOL to forgive the overpayment due to financial hardship.
Check your mail. You may already have received a notice explaining everything and offering you the opportunity to request a waiver and a DocuSign form via email. If you do not receive the DocuSign form, you can request a waiver application online starting Friday, April 23 at 12 pm.
So what if you do nothing? You feel it is their mistake and you are keeping the money. What happens? In approximately one month from your notice, NYS DOL will reduce your unemployment benefits 20% until the overpaid funds are recovered. For more information, visit http://on.ny.gov/nod.
If you want to just get it over with and repay this is what you can do:
  • Check or money order, with your social security number, to the Unemployment Insurance Division and mail it to:

Unemployment Insurance Division
New York State Department of Labor
P.O. Box 1195
Albany, New York, 12201-1195

  • Payment plans available by calling the Collections Unit at 800-533-6600

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