A new reality TV show filming in Little Falls, New York will give one aspiring chef their own restaurant.

'Own It,' a new national reality TV series will challenge 10 chefs and food lovers against each other to see who would be the best restaurant owner. Contestants will be eliminated each week and viewers will have a say along the way, voting on different parts of the show.

Officials have been working to bring Hollywood back to Little Falls since the success of 'A Quiet Place,' filmed in 2017. "We welcome any and all to come check out our gorgeous, walkable city," says Little Falls Mayor Mark Blask. "There is an independent film commission that was established to help in these efforts. We are continually looking for ways to get people to come to Little Falls."

The hour long reality show is expected to run for 12 weeks each season and with COVID-19, networks are looking for something new. "The ideal situation is to shoot the same locations for all seasons, Ted Farnsworth with Flat Creek Media Group told My Little Falls. "If it goes for ten seasons, we’ll be here for each of those."

Farnsworth is teaming up with former American Idol judge Randy Jackson to produce the show, that's describes as a mix of Shark Tank, Beverly Hills Housewives, Bachelor and Apprentice all rolled into a cooking show. The winner will get their own restaurant in Upstate New York.

Shoot dates are September 23-25th, according to the casting company Backstage.

Casting call characters:
The Jerk: Our love to hate character – Alpha-male arrogance at its finest.
The Teachers Pet: Trying to do everything correctly – yet under the radar to wordlessly win.
The Knucklehead: Talented – but wtf? Comic relief from a kooky-cooking character.
The Underdog: The against-all-odds win-hopeful. Touching story.
The Loser: Yup. First-round bye-bye. So, might as well launch some departing fireworks.
The Overachiever: Like, just can’t picture not winning. Like, just CAN’T.
The Bitch: Considers herself so beautiful that she’s requiring extra credit for her cooking skills.
The Spy: Their only purpose is disruption and disinformation – and a big fat bonus if they win.
Mr Wonderful: People just plain love him… or… want him dead.
The 'Aww, she's a nice girl': Jennifer Aniston 1992

No word on when the new show will air or what network it'll be on, but we'll keep you posted.

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