An 11-year-old boy in Little Falls has a job waiting for him when he gets a little older, after getting the nicest rejection letter ever from the mayor.

Elijah Tinkler is pretty handy. In fact, he's fixed all sorts of things around his family's dairy farm in Little Falls. His mom, Vicki, says it's something he loves to do. "This summer, he took apart a riding lawnmower that had sat untouched since about 1980 and got it running again. He told me about the “flywheel “ and sanding down “points”, changing spark plugs and something about the carburetor."

Credit: Vicki Tinkler

Vicki says when Eli saw the posting looking for a mechanic for the City of Little Falls, he really wanted to apply. "He was concerned because the position required a CDL. Being his dream job, he wanted me to check anyway."

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Mark Blask, the Mayor of Little Falls, took the time to respond to Eli's application. "We were getting ready to offer you the job when we notices you're 11 stinkin' years old." Blask goes on to offer Eli a job when he turns 16 with the Summer Recreation program, asking Eli to hold on to the letter Blask wrote. "When it comes time to apply, staple a copy of this sucker to your application."

Vicki says Eli was thrilled, and she's so happy to be part of their community. "Little Falls truly is the best place to live. And someday, my little boy may be the city mechanic...unless I can convince him to get an engineering degree!!"

Credit: Vicki Tinkler

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