A New Hartford mom says her pit bull protected during a disturbing encounter while she was out for a walk with her child.

Allison Cappelli says she was out for a walk near the Killabrew with her dog, Lula, with her young son in his stroller, when she says she "was stopped by a man who wouldn’t leave me and my son, and my dog alone."

Allison says the man blocked them with his vehicle, and tried to talk to her through the car window. Then, she says, he got out of his car. He was "asking if he could “just talk to me” repetitively, and if he could “give my dog water”."

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Allison says she asked the man repeatedly to get away from her and her son. That's when her dog, Lula, sensed fear. She "began growling at him and her fur stood up and she got in the middle of the man and the stroller."

Fortunately, a woman came out of a nearby house, and "he quickly got back in his vehicle and screeched his tires driving off." Allison says she then called the New Hartford Police Department.

Allison says the man was about 60, and driving a silver 4-door vehicle with a Marine Corps sticker on it.

"I am posting this for no other reason than to raise awareness. Please, to all the women who leave their house alone, be aware of your surroundings. This can happen in daylight, at any time of the day," Allison says.

Lula is getting extra treats today.



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