I had a hankering for my favorite pizza from O'scugnizzo's Pizzeria and when I finally snagged the upside down pie, I couldn't wait for it to cool and chomped on it only to regret my decision a split second later, and much longer after that. I now had a 'pizza mouth' burn that didn't go away for a couple of days that no amount of soda or beer would alleviate. What now?

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Of course we impatient humans are always burning the roof of our mouth with other piping hot foods besides pizza, but if we can't curb our enthusiasm to snarf or suck down that hot coffee, there is some help out there and it's in the form of a dissolvable strip much like the breath strips (which you may need to pop after as well!) Inside is a local anesthetic which you may've heard of called benzocaine which your dentist uses (ouch!) Jason McConville who invented the strip has this to say:

“That compound itself is a really, really rapidly acting, stable compound that lasts for a long time on the shelf. It seems very logical [to use this] ingredient as it is readily available... The mouth is a very, very quick part of the body to heal; a couple of days is probably the maximum you would need. In addition to that, we have included a semi-active ingredient that promotes healing."

These strips are not on the market yet and we could see them on shelves in a variety of flavors within a few years. In the meantime, I guess we'll have to wait for our pizza to cool or hope you have a dentist for a neighbor that can shoot you with benzo should you set your mouth on fire again.