We love the cooler temperatures this time of year. It's nice to sleep with the windows open - until you wake up gagging because of a skunk in the vicinity.

Skunks are famous for their self-defence mechanism. That pungent smelly spray that can shoot up to 10 feet. When a skunk sprays you can smell it up to a mile away for days, sometimes even weeks, Skunk spray is very irritating and can cause tempory blindness.

If you have skunks lingering around your house try these ideas from Bright Hub.

Citrus Skunk Repellent

Skunks, just like most animals, do not like the smell of citrus. Spreading citrus peels along the perimeter your yard will help prevent skunks from entering your property. When the citrus peels dry up you need to replace them.

 Cayenne and Jalapeno Pepper Mix

Boil 6 cups of water with 5 pieces cayenne pepper, ground, one large whole yellow onion, and 5 pieces jalapeno pepper for 20 minutes. Cool and strain the mixture into an empty bowl, cool and then pour into an empty spray bottle. Spray along the perimeter of your house several times a week.Skunks find the pungent and strong odor coming from the mixture offensive.


Ammonia Soaked Rags

Ammonia emits an odor that does not appeal to skunks. Gather a few old rags or cotton balls and soak them in ammonia. Then, scatter along the perimeter or areas that skunks may go to like the skunk den. Once they dry up, just repeat. If you have a cat, you can use the litter, the cat’s urine also smells like ammonia.

Adding Lighting

Installing motion detector lighting can ward off skunks. Nocturnal by nature, skunks forage at night. You can also use a flashlight or spotlight and focus it at the entryway of the skunk's den. The skunk will move on if there's uninterrupted bright light.

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