NASA astronaut Doug Hurley certainly isn't forgetting his roots during his time in space.

As one of the two men at the forefront of the historic NASA and SpaceX launch to the International Space Station two weeks ago, Hurley made sure to take a moment and capture the beauty of his home state, even if from very, very far away.

Hurley posted the photo to his Twitter Saturday afternoon (Eastern), writing that he stayed up late "to spend some time looking out the window."

"It was a beautiful day to see the Great Lakes and my childhood home in upstate New York," Hurley wrote.

Col. Doug Hurley - NASA
Col. Doug Hurley - NASA

Hurley grew up in the Southern Tier, and while he was born in Endicott in 1966, he considers Apalachin, New York his hometown. He served a fighter pilot and test pilot in the United States Marine Corp for over 24 years, and was selected as an astronaut with NASA in 2000.

Hurley piloted the historic NASA, SpaceX flight on May 30 alongside joint operations commander Bob Behnken. The flight to the International Space Station was not only the first manned flight on a commercially-built craft, the Crew Dragon, but it was also the first manned launch from U.S. soil since 2011. The launch was originally set for May 27, but it was scrubbed 16 minutes before takeoff because of stormy weather off the coast of Florida.

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After a successful docking at the ISS on May 31, Hurley and Behnken joined the Expedition 63 crew, who was already onboard. While the Crew Dragon spacecraft is able to stay in orbit for up to 110 days, NASA has not decided how long it will be until the crew returns.


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