Here it is, 2017.  As we kick off the brand new year, there are some everyday, mundane things that are important, and recommended for us to do at least once this year.  Now might be a good time to include them on your planner for the year, as they can be easily overlooked.

These are not in any particular order, so certain times of year may make more sense than others when it comes to some of these tasks.   According to MSN/smart living, these are the things we should all remember to do sometime this year.

-Check your credit score:  Doing a "soft check" on your credit does not influence the score and is important for your financial heath.  A good score can save you thousands on a mortgage or new car loan.

-Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors:  We are reminded to do this but often forget.  Experts tell us to check the batteries once per month and replace them once each year.

See the dentist:  Many of us don't have regular dental visits scheduled.  A year can easily slide by without us getting our dental health checked.

-Schedule a physical for your pet:  They are important members of our family, but they can't tell us when they are not feeling well.  Many older pets suffer with dental problems that effect their overall health.  The visit to the vet should include blood work.

-Steam clean your carpets:  In the course of a year, lots of dirt and grime can build up in carpeting that can cause allergies.  You can rent a cleaner or have a professional do the job that your vacuum just can't do.

Have your wheels checked:  For those of use who live here in Central New York, Spring may be the best time for this.  The potholes that appear after the snow is gone can ruin our car's alignment.  That means a shorter tire life.  Alignments are not something we usually think about having done each year, but can save you hundreds of dollars over the life of your car.

Clean out your refrigerator:   Maybe as part of your spring cleaning you can add this chore to the list.  There are items in there that you will never use again and it's best to get rid of them.

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