Growing up, we always got a weird feeling watching ‘Mr. Wizard’s World’ on Nickelodeon. The old curmudgeon was full of knowledge and insight, but he imparted that brain power in the most arrogant manner. No wonder we opted for sci-fi – at least Emmett Brown’s put downs are funny.

Alas, while that kind of maltreatment could be responsible for turning off a whole generation to the field of science (and for the creation of the ultimate wisecrack, ‘Thanks, Mr. Wizard!’) it does go to show how “soft” we’ve become as a nation. Back then, Mr. Wizard’s brash commentary was “tough love.” Now it’s abuse. Although, taking another look back at this supercut of clips, we can’t help but get that creepy Sandusky vibe.

Luckily, there wasn’t a “how showers work” segment.

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