The big year for "The Beatles" to break in the USA was 1964, and on this day of that year, they appeared performing three songs on the American TV show "Shindig."

According an article by Happy Nat on

"Shindig! was an American variety show that aired on ABC from September 1964 through January 1966. Producer Jack Good was lucky enough to get The Beatles to guest on the show’s fourth episode. Jack’s idea was to devote the entire episode to British acts and relocated from Hollywood to the U.K. to start the filming, which began on October 3rd, 1964 at the Granville Theatre, a few miles northeast of London. Other musical guests on the show included Sounds Incorporated, Sandie Shaw, P.J. Proby, The Karl Denver Trio, Tommy Quickly and Lyn Cornell.

Here for your BROW, is John Lennon’s then-new composition “I’m A Loser” from that early episode of Shindig! which aired four days later on October 7th, 1964.

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