A central New York mother is desperate to find a quilt made for her daughter that's filled with t-shirts from a boyfriend and uncle gone too soon.

Jamie Currier-Dix had the special quilt made for her daughter Alyssa. It's made up of t-shirts from her boyfriend, who died from a blood disorder, and her uncle who passed away after a massive heart attack. "She took two years to decide which t-shirts to use for the quilt," said Dix.

Rather than mailing the quilt to Alyssa, who now lives in North Carolina, Dix gave it to one of her daughter's friends. "He was up from North Carolina moving his parents out of their home."

While the friend was cleaning out his parent's home, the quilt somehow got either donated or thrown away. "I put it in a white plastic bag and now its nowhere to be found."

Dix has called the Rescue Mission, hoping to find the quilt, but donations go to the main distribution center where they are sorted and then spread to 18 thrift shops throughout central New York. "I think I've been to almost all 18 stores looking for it with no luck."

The quilt could also be sitting in a back room somewhere, waiting to be sorted. "So many people have used the extra time during the coronavirus pandemic to clean out their homes, I was told it could take a year to go through all the donations," said Dix.

The worst case scenario is the quilt was thrown away. "It could have even gone into a dumpster," Dix said. "It's just one of those freak things."

The worst part is Alyssa has never even seen the quilt other than in a picture. "It's heartbreaking. I'm at a loss for words."

The Thrifty Shopper in Syracuse shared the missing blanket on Facebook, hoping to help find it. It includes Jamie's phone number with a $300 reward.

If you've seen or have the missing quilt, call Jamie at 315-592-1641 or reach out on Facebook. She desperately wants to find it and finally deliver it to her daughter.

Photo Credit - Jamie Currier-Dix
Photo Credit - Jamie Currier-Dix

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