It looks like the Mohawk Valley could be under the microscope going forward, as the region saw the biggest increase in the rate of positive results in a new round of coronavirus antibody testing conducted by the state.

Yesterday during Gov. Cuomo's press hearing, it was brought to our attention that new tests found the rate of positive results increased in the Mohawk Valley from 2.7% to 5.5%. That’s a jump of 2.8 percentage points, more than any other region in New York.

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“The numbers are telling and significant,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. “These are numbers that local communities should pay heed to.”

These new numbers do not reflect active cases of COVID-19. Antibody tests reveal whether someone had the virus previously and helps officials understand how widespread the cases once were.

In most regions of the state, the rate of infection was largely stable or declined. Central New York’s rate of positive results rose from 1.9% on May 1 to 2.1% on June 23rd.

The statewide death toll is now 24,608, which was actually less than 1,000 in late March.

“The facts in New York are very, very good,” said Cuomo. “I am so proud of what the people in this state have done.”

New York currently has 384,575 confirmed cases of the virus, including 631 new cases. The number of new positives each day has fallen sharply.

The Mohawk Valley includes Fulton, Hamilton, Herkimer, Montgomery, Oneida and Schoharie counties. Currently, the Mohawk Valley is in Phase 3 of the New York Forward reopening plan. Phase 4 is set to begin June 26th.

To watch the comments Cuomo made regarding the Mohawk Valley and antibody testing, it's available at 8:56 of the video below.

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