The Guinness Book of World Records has verified that Michael Thomasson of Buffalo New York has the world's largest video game collection. So how many games does he have? 

According to Coed Magazine, Thomasson currently owns over 10,607 titles, consoles and other accessories for his massive stockpile.

You will be able to read about his achievement in the Guinness World Records’ 2014 Gamer Edition.

So how much money does one spend on building such a large collection? Michael actually shopped pretty smart:

I kept my buying down to less than $3000 per year. So, I waited for deals as I would never have reached the number I did if I went out and bought every new game released at $60 a pop. The last game that I paid full price was the game Shenmue for the Dreamcast on Nov. 8th, 2000.

You can read his full journey on YouTube.



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