Former Scorpions and UFO guitarist Michael Schenker is prepping a new solo LP for release on Dec. 2.

Titled 'Bridge the Gap,' the new record reunites Schenker with former Scorpions bandmates Herman Rarebell (drums) and Francis Buchholz (bass), along with former Rainbow members Doogie White (vocals) and Wayne Findlay (guitar, keyboards). The 13-track album marks the first time Schenker, Rarebell and Buchholz have played together since the sessions for the 1979 Scorpions release 'Lovedrive.'

"I wanted to combine the old with the new," explained Schenker in a press release. "That’s why the album’s called 'Bridge the Gap.' With Wayne playing seven-string guitar, we created some low, heavy modern sounds. Since I play and experiment on a regular basis, I always have some new, fresh sparks to share when I record a new album. I am inspired from within. It’s infinite like a kaleidoscope. As former members of the Scorpions, Herman, Francis and I have been out of the loop of rock 'n' roll for quite a while. Getting together for the first time since the 'Lovedrive' album is an incredible jump. We’re connecting the past with the present. We’re bridging the gap."

Although this particular group of players hasn't performed together in awhile, Schenker has been busy lately. 'Bridge the Gap' is the latest in a string of recent releases that includes his 2011 solo LP 'Temple of Rock' and the 2008 Michael Schenker Group album 'In the Midst of Beauty.' Check out the new track 'Where the Wild Winds Blow' below, and take a look at the complete track listing for 'Bridge the Gap.'

Michael Schenker 'Bridge the Gap' Track Listing
'Neptune Rising'
'Where the Wild Winds Blow'
'Lord of the Lost and Lonely'
'Rock 'n' Roll Symphony'
'To Live for the King'
'Land of Thunder'
'Temple of the Holy'
'Shine On'
'Bridges We Have Burned'
'Because You Lied'
'Black Moon Rising'
'Dance for the Piper'
'Faith' (Vocals: Don Dokken) (Bonus Track)

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