The last batch of music Doors legend Ray Manzarek had been working on prior to his death has just been released.

'Twisted Tales' is a collaboration between Manzarek and guitarist Roy Rogers, which the duo had completed just before Manzarek's passing.

“In our last meeting together before his passing, Ray and I were both very excited about the upcoming release of ‘Twisted Tales,’" said Rogers in a press release. "We signed off on the artwork and agreed that it should be released sooner than later. So, honoring that decision, I have proceeded with the release. We both were proud of this recording and hope that people enjoy it."

This is not the first music from Manzarek and Rogers -- the pair released the album 'Translucent Blues' in 2011 to good reviews. That albums was a blues-rock based collection of songs, mixed with poetry and literary references. Sound familiar?!

While Manzarek's legacy with the Doors is obvious, Rogers is known as an acclaimed slide guitarist and producer. 'Twisted Tales' follows a similar path, being a collaboration of keyboard and guitar merged with stories, images and art. A full-length documentary film examining the pair's collaboration and friendship will be released this fall.

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