Would you pay another man to rub your breasts? Is this honestly a serious question? Well some women apparently do. In China, a man makes his living by massaging women’s breasts. No he doesn’t work at a strip club, he rubs a women's chest for a living. Meet professional “Breast Masseur” Liu Gang. 

Gang promises that he does this only for his job, and nothing more. Oh, ok. Apparently his girlfriend is ok with his job. According to Gang, this job is not as easy as it sounds and it took years to become an “experienced breast masseur”.

"I first worked as a masseur in 2007 to help women get back into shape," Liu said. "Women who want to get rid of the fat on their thighs or love handles can get help from me. In 2007, I began to work as a breast masseur since the demand is large. Achieving beautifully shaped breasts is also part of the bodyline-rebuilding job."

By the way, there is no standardized certification for breast masseurs. All that Gang knows comes from his teacher (was this his father?).

"I learned how to massage breasts in the treatment rooms where I witnessed dozens of times how my teacher would push and press the breasts of female clients. Then I began my own career as a breast masseur," Liu explained.

He claims that his healing touch makes breasts bigger and firmer and women amazingly believe him. God bless him.



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