Have you ever wondered what men notice first when looking at a woman for the first time? Believe it or not a study was done to prove that not all men are pigs, except 85% of them.

The Daily Mail reports: Murine eye drops, which commissioned the study, found that as many as 705 of the 1,000 men who took part in the study revealed eyes are what they gaze at first. Not boobs, not booty, not legs.... eyes.....Oh ok.

A spokesperson for Murine eye drops said: 'Eyes usually tell us a lot about a person so we aren’t surprised that eyes are what draws us to the opposite sex. Until you get to talk to a person for the first time, all you have to go on is the way they look, a simple smile is also something that both genders notice in each other."

Here's the breakdown of what the study found:

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

See not all men are pigs... Just 30%.


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