A soldier in Afghanistan lost both of his legs in the field and as the morphine wasn't doing enough to dull his obviously excruciating pain, the no longer mobile soldier asked British Army Medic, Emily Tompkins to show her boobs to help pick up the slack of the drug. Wow, morphine can make ya really ballsy! Did she do it?

Photo by Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images


Sadly, no. Or maybe it's to her professional and relational credit that she politely declined given the fact that her ring finger on her left hand isn't as naked as the soldier would've liked either. At any rate, Emily was pretty busy trying to save his life and lifting her shirt would've likely wasted valuable seconds and probably could've gotten her both discharged from the military and dumped too. So kudos to this young woman for preserving her dignity and this man's life. Thanks to her, he can has an untold amount of boob-viewing days ahead... Where's Lieutenant Dan when you need him?