Recent reports have stated that McDonald's is no longer offering the Happy Meal as of this week, but the truth is that the kid's diet staple is still quite available everywhere, it's just undergoing a slight change. Don't freak out about that either, it's not an earth-shaking one.

In the hustle and bustle of our lives, you may not remember that the Happy Meal in it's thirty or so years has never been on the value menu, or at least not until the beginning of this year. Now, just a short ten months on the Value Menu and despite some of the recent reports, the only thing that's happening to the classic McDonald's Happy Meal is that it's simply returning back to it's original category on the regular menu.

Busy parents like us can still, just like always drop by with our SUV full of our little buggers and grab that dinner-in-a-pinch, so that we can slow our already-natural hair loss! Now, we just need to get a Geoffrey's Toybox store in town and we'll be all set.

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