This sounds like MySpace 2.0. Soon, when someone is checking out your profile page, a song could start playing. Hmm, good idea?

Facebook is working on several new music-based features including adding a song to photos and videos shared through Facebook Stories. When you're posting photos or videos, you'll see a new music sticker that allows you to find a song to add as well.

Instead of friends just reading a list of artists that you like, you'll be able to add songs to a music section and pin a tune to the top of your profile. TechCrunch says:

While friends won’t be able to listen to the whole song to see how you express yourself, they’ll get to watch an accompanying video that collages artist photos and album art, like an algorithmic music video. Facebook could eventually strike a streaming partnership with companies like Spotify or Apple Music to allow full-song streaming.

Facebook is also updating LipSync Live, with support for lyrics which are rolling out slowly for favorite songs.

Lip Sync Live lets users pick a popular song to pretend to sing on a Facebook Live broadcast. Hundreds of songs will be available to start, including “Havana” by Camila Cabello, “Welcome to The Jungle” by Guns N Roses, and “God’s Plan” by Drake. [TechCrunch]

These new features are being deployed over the next few weeks.

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