Picking out a Halloween costume can be super stressful, don't put yourself through it this year. We've come up with the perfect way for a local Halloween costume with this unique Halloween challenge.

Can't figure out what to dress up as for Halloween? We have a chart that will decide for you. Talk about easy! Try "Cindy's CNY Halloween Costume Finder" using your name and birthday month. According to this nifty guide, Cindy's perfect costume will be an Old Mobster Mummy instead of a Devil in a Blue Dress like she was planning on. What would your costume be?

Our favorite costumes that we would love to see:

  • Bootleg Saranac Devil
  • Spooky Chicken Riggie Hero
  • Bootleg Proctor Vampire
  • Homemade Saranac Werewolf
  • Wicked Halfmoon Werewolf
  • Devilish Halfmoon Hero
  • Naughty Proctor Ghost
  • Homemade Raindrop Werewolf
  • Ugly Chicken Riggie Devil
  • Spooky Mobster Zombie
Gennadiy Poznyakov/ThinkStock

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