Well, I'm not sure "facelift" is the best term, but McDonald's is revamping their famous chicken nuggets to make them more natural.  Maybe this effort will save the little guys from extinction as their sales have declined over the years now that people are more health conscious about what they eat.

Hey, in a pinch, I'll eat some McNuggets.  I love the sweet chili sauce, but that is typically only available for a limited time.  I guess next in line would be the buffalo ranch sauce.  Of course I would take some good ole Buffalo chicken wings any day.

According to Huffingtonpost.com, the fast food giant is experimenting with a new recipe that would make the nuggets healthier with no preservatives.  Wait a minute, they are still deep fried, aren't they?

They are currently being tested in many Northwest states at 140 different restaurants.  I guess we'll see if they like them out west before we try them here.  Many people are still concerned that they are just not very nutritional, no matter what you do to them.