Mats Olausson, who played keyboards with Yngwie Malmsteen throughout the ‘90s, has died in Thailand. He was 54.

The Bangkok Post reports that Olausson was found dead in his hotel in Rayong on Thursday (Feb. 19) by an employee who noted that Olausson had not paid for his room or been seen in the hotel dining room. Upon entering, he found Olausson’s body along with numerous empty bottles of whiskey and cans of beer. He was identified by his passport.

Upon investigating the scene, police found no evidence of a struggle and believed that he had been dead for at least 24 hours. Olausson’s body will be sent to the Institute of Forensic Science in Bangkok for an autopsy.

According to his bio, Olausson was born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1961 and received formal, classical piano training. Influenced by prog, he moved to Stockholm in the ‘80s and found work as a session musician. This included a stint working with Jean Beauvoir of the Plasmatics, performing on his 1988 album Jacknifed and embarking on a tour where they opened for the Eurythmics. Towards the end of the decade, he joined forces with Malmsteen and was a member of his band for nearly 12 years.

From there, he was in a succession of groups, including a cover band in Thailand, before leaving the road and returning to session work in Sweden.

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