A frequent flier of Southwest Airlines has filed a lawsuit claiming the airline owes him 45 free alcoholic beverages. He is shaken, stirred and ticked off!

Adam Levitt was a regular purchaser of tickets as a part of Southwest’s “Business Select” program. For purchasing the premium-priced tickets, Levitt and other program participants were given coupons for free drinks that would normally cost $5 in flight. The coupons had no expiration dates.

Last year, Southwest changed its policy for the coupons and required that customers use them on the day of travel for which the ticket was purchased. This change left Levitt with a worthless collection of unredeemed coupons, amounting to more than $200 in free drinks. It also left him with a bitter taste in his mouth, so he filed suit for breach of contract. After that, he rinsed his mouth with scotch. Just to get rid of that taste.

The lawsuit seeks class-action status for Southwest customers in the US with unredeemed drink coupons and requests compensatory damages and other remedies. He’ll also accept three hundred mini-bottles of vodka.

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