Within hours of posting our story on Failed Herkimer County Health Inspections, Main Moon Buffet was re-inspected for their health code violations

Jim Lin of Main Moon Buffet reached out to us with this statement:

"These violations came about during our renovation period where we focused too much of our efforts on construction and neglected some of the day to day operations. We realized that we tried to do too much at the same time and bit off more than we could chew; overseeing a tight renovation schedule while trying to maintain take-out service. This is just a reason but not an excuse for our mistakes. We've since corrected all the violations listed and yesterday's inspection reflects that (please see the official report attached). If you can publish the corrected violations, we would greatly appreciate it."

During the second Health Inspection, the Main Moon Buffet has corrected all violations. See the Food Service Establishment Inspection Summer Report below.

Any establishment in CNY that has failed a Health Inspection is always welcome to send us their passed inspection, and we will gladly share it with our audience.

Establishments with failed  30 – 60 days to fix the critical problems discovered by the NYS Health Department. You can get all up to date Health Department violations at the New York State Health Department website.

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