An iconic pizza shop that's been serving the Central New York community for more than 50 years is going on the auction block and the owner is hoping that same community will help him save it.

Ye Olde Pizza Pub in the town of Madison, New York is being put up for auction on January 24. A surprise for owner Aaron Toomath who took over running the business when his father, Robert Toomath retired in 2005. "My father made an arrangement to sell me the business and property," Toomath said in a Facebook post.

Toomath claims after his father's death in 2017, a couple of family members contested the will.

Because these arrangements were between family members and built on trust we did not do things as professionally as we should have.

Toomath claims a judge ruled the property was to be sold to him and an investment company on January 19th by the court-appointed mediator. "To my surprise and everyone else's we saw it listed for sale at auction on the 24th which is in blatant defiance of the judge's order," Toomath said.

The pizza pub and adjoining property that has a 1972 mansion on almost 4 acres will be auctioned off on January 24 with the starting bid of $515,000. "It leaves me very little time to obtain funds through the normal banking process," said Toomath, who has started a Save the Pub campaign on GoFundMe.

I am not one to ever ask for help and am usually the one helping, so after such an amazing heartwarming outreach of support from all over and so many suggestions to create this, here I am.

Toomath hopes to raise enough money "to keep this landmark in business for generations to come."

Ye Olde Pizza Pub & 1972 Mansion On Auction Block

Ye Olde Pizza Pub, a business that's been serving pies for over 50 years is up for sale. It's attached to a mansion built in 1972, but that'll need a little work. It's near Colgate College and goes up on the auction block on January 24. Take a look inside.

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