Delphi Falls in Madison County has been sold to Manlius resident, Harold Jones. Mr. Jones is a retired SU Spanish professor that has liked the falls for the first time he saw them.

It seems a lot of lands that were protected by the Feds has been released by the feds and now can be purchased by private citizens. This is exactly what has happened with the 60-acre property off Cardner Road.

The property includes the waterfalls, land and a home on the property when Jones found out this property was up for sale to the general public. Jones said he was worried the waterfall, land, and home on the property might get sold to another private individual and the general public would not be able to visit the area.

Jones said he wanted the chance to turn the property into a public nature preserve so everyone could enjoy the area.

After talking with the property owner, real estate agents and Madison County officials, Jones and Madison county worked out a deal. That agreement calls for Jones to come up with$750,000 of the purchase price, $900,000, while Madison County funded the rest, $150,000.

It's safe to say that access to the falls will be open for future generations.

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