We often wonder what the story is behind a homeless person. How does it happen and why? His name is Donald Gould. He say's he played the clarinet in the Marines and was a drum major in high school. Actually went to college for a few semesters and studied music theory. The folks who 'discovered' him  put together a gofundme to help get him off the streets.

If your wondering about the piano on the sidewalk like I was then you'll be happy to know the public pianos are part of an art project called "Play me, I'm Yours" that encourages people to play or listen to music in the streets of Sarasota.

Here is what people are saying on You Tube:

  • I feel like the world let him down. He should be playing professionally.
  • I wish he would have progressed through the song. Still a stunning performance.
  • Sometimes we slip through the cracks
  • He's homeless. It's not like he practices every day. Sheesh. For doing that from memory ?? He did awesome.
  • He's makes "Come Sail Away" by Styx sound so beautiful, sounds amazing !!!

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