Comedian Chris Farley died at just 33 years old back in 1997. Way too soon for all of his fans. This documentary takes an emotional look back at his life and career. The film chronicles Farley’s life. It includes vintage footage, home videos, and interviews with David Spade, Adam Sandler, Lorne Michaels, Bob Odenkirk, Christina Applegate and Molly Shannon, among others who remember him fondly yet sadly.

Chris Farley was the star of many movies including "Black Sheep" and "Tommy Boy". The SNL cast member was dealing with drug and alcohol problems for years. He was found dead in a Chicago apartment following a cocaine and morphine overdose.

Chris Farley was very good at hiding his pain and masking his troubles on stage. He delighted audiences with innovative, vigorous and often legendary comic performances. His fans had no idea what he was dealing with in his personal life. No idea the pressure he was under. Constantly feeling like he had to be in character must have been awful to live with 24/7.

Doesn't it seem like this should have been made a long time ago? Of all the documentaries being created this one I'm particularly curious to see. David Spade probably wasn't ready to do this documentary back then, and I'm not sure how there could be a Chris Farley documentary without David Spade.

The film opens in theaters July 31