Having trouble losing weight? Maybe your fad diet and temporary starvation approach is paying small dividends in the short term, but let's be honest, it doesn't last.

Local fitness guru Jack Kunkel joined Keeler in the Morning on WIBX to discuss his new book: 'It's Fat Loss Not Weight Loss.'

''It's a compilation of 44 lectures I put together for different businesses. It tells you everything you need to know to lose fat, and be a little bit happier quicker,'' Kunkel said.

Keeler, asked Kunkel's opinion about his daily breakfast of choice - an Atkins bar - which Keeler had in hand.  ''[Robert] Atkins was really onto something, and that's controlling your blood sugar, but he forgot to talk about quality.''

''A calorie is a calorie in a lab, but not in a human body,'' Kunkel said.

Listen as Kunkel explains how the human body can be completely remodeled:

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