A couple of CNY teens that I have special ties with will be singing at the Levitt Amp Music Series tomorrow night (July 22nd). Here's a little more about them and why you don't want to miss this show...

Lillie Ruth (18 Years Old)

Photo: Derek Clark

You might recognize Lillie as one of the intermission singers last year and she's been making quite the name for herself since then. She won the Utica Teen Singoff at Handshake.City which sprung her onto the Levitt Amp stage and many other local venues too in just a year's time. Not only has she upgraded to an opener at the music series this year, but she's adding another element that you haven't seen her do yet: play piano! It's a family affair for her as her dad and brother will be accompanying her too on piano and guitar.

While she's been studying voice for years, she just started taking lessons with me over the winter and is debuting her first song that she'll be playing and singing simultaneously tomorrow night. She's also starting to write her own music too and you can expect to see her debut an original or two at a future show! If you haven't heard Lillie yet, you're in for a special treat because her voice (and her playing) are well beyond her years. Expect to hear her cover some of your favorite tunes like you've never heard them before.

Abigail James (16 Years Old)

Photo: KJ

Abigail James is tomorrow night's intermission singer and you might recognize her last name! She's my oldest daughter and she too got her start by winning the Utica Teen Singoff at Handshake.City. While she's sung in choir for years, she has only been getting more serious about her voice since this past spring and this will be her third public appearance as a soloist ever.

She's extremely excited to sing for you this year and once she graduates New Hartford High School next year plans to study to be an Spanish Teacher. In addition to singing, she also does makeup and face-painting and you can expect to see her at a future Levitt Amp concert showcasing that skill as well! It will be my pleasure to share the stage with her again as her backup while she continues to explore where her voice can take her...

Lillie will be doing a full hour set starting at 6p and Abby will sing a couple of songs immediately following Lillie's performance while they set up the stage for the main out-of-town act.

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