Wayne Jennings is the lead cook at Riverside Diner in Marcy, NY. After three years of growing out his hair he decided to cut it. He made sure that hair went to good use. His intention was to donate the hair to "Locks of Love," and that's exactly what he did.

For several years, Wayne would let his hair grow out, and cut it. Out of the blue one day he thought to himself, "Why let the hair go to waste?" He had the perfect length and hair type to donate, so that became his mission. There was no specific friend or family member that motivated him to do it, he simply wanted to have his hair go to someone who could use it.

Mary Roberts
Mary Roberts

He definitely did his research. After looking up several organizations that provide wigs for children and adults battling cancer, he decided to go with one of the most reputable groups out there, "Locks of Love." He went to the website, filled out the form, and sent in the hair. It was as easy as that. When asked if he would continue to donate his hair he said, "I'll probably donate again, at least a few more times in my life." It's the consideration and selflessness of people like Wayne, that help touch the lives of several people impacted by the terrible disease that is cancer. If you are interested in donating your long locks, visit the "Locks of Love" website for more information.

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