If you’re looking to impress her and her treasures this Valentine’s Day you better start your shopping. Men and Women all over have brainstormed some wondrous gifts that glamorize the mammaries. No, fur skin rugs are lame and won't work. Our friends over at Jezebel have put together this list, and here’s what it will cost you:

  • The Beau Bust Roller

    Using Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS), the Beau Bust Roller can be used to stimulate breast growth and firmness. It’ll cost you right around $5.

  • The Intimia Breast Pillow

    This pillow is just like the kind you'd sleep with in between your legs except it rest between her "own" pillows while she sleeps. This is supposed to prevent stretch marks and help with sleep comfort. It’ll cost you right around $60.

    The Intimia Breast Pillow
  • Candy Tassels

    For those who want to show off almost everything, but don't want to get hungry in the process, you can paste on some candy tassels to get the party started if you’re willing to swing that $7.