Starting this summer, you can take all of your Amazon returns to any Kohl's location nationwide.


Starting in July, all 1,150 Kohl's locations will accept opened Amazon packages free of charge. Kohl's will package and ship the items back to Amazon using its own logistics network.

Kohl's and Amazon partnered in a pilot program for Amazon returns in 2017 at 82 stores in Los Angeles and Chicago. It must have been successful as the service will now be available at all locations. Kohl's says it will sell a small selection of Amazon merchandise at more than 200 stores.

CNN reports that Kohl's could go further with Amazon, including bringing new Amazon concepts to its stores, such as Amazon Go, Amazon Books, or Amazon 4-Star.
Kohl's could even lease out store space to Whole Foods. Kohl's is experimenting with shrinking the size of some stores, and it has partnered with Aldi and Planet Fitness to open up several supermarkets and gyms next to Kohl's.

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