Kirk Hammett made a cameo for the ages at his own ‘Fear FestEvil After Party’ at San Diego’s Comic-Con playing a monstrous cover of a classic rock favorite.

Metallica’s lead guitarist joined metal masters Exodus onstage on Friday night and launched into a blazing version of the Blue Oyster Cult hit ‘Godzilla.’ Afterward he stuck around with the band and jammed on the Exodus cut ‘Scar Spangled Banner.’

Hammett made news earlier in the week when he announced that he added a solo onto Exodus’ upcoming record for the song ‘Salt in the Wound.’ “It felt really casual, really cool — just like it did back in 1980 when we were all just hanging out back in the day," Hammett said. "Me, recording a solo on their album was a huge thing for me. Other than the Exodus demo that’s been heard by a lot of people, it’s the only time I ever recorded with Exodus. It was a huge thing.”

Hammett kept himself quite busy at the San Diego Convention Center over the weekend. Earlier in the day, the guitarist appeared at the Nuclear Blast USA booth at the expansive convention to autograph copies of his exclusive one-off zombie action figure modeled in his likeness.

Hammett joined Exodus originally in 1980 and spent three years in the group before leaving to take over the lead guitar position in Metallica which had been just recently vacated by Dave Mustaine.

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