Keith James
Keith James

You might think that breast cancer is largely a women's issue, but as men we can do our part in a variety of ways, whether offering our time and energy to the women that we know affected by the disease or giving out of our wallet if we can. That's why I've accepted the invitation from the American Cancer Society to become a part of Real Men Wear Pink of Utica.

Throughout the month of October, seventeen local personalities have committed to raise at least $2500 for breast cancer research and to wear pink EVERY SINGLE DAY of the month (that's a lot of clothes washing for me!) If we all hit our goal, that amounts to over $42K raised and lots of guys in pink (which I think is a great color for us dudes to wear, personally.)

There isn't a person alive whom cancer hasn't touched in one way or another and if you'd like to help me with this effort, please click the link below and donate whatever you feel that you can and if I bump into you out and about, double check that I'm pinkin' it... Or better yet, throw on some pink yourself too!

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