There were a lot of April Fools Day pranks yesterday but this one was really good. Everyone except for James Corden from the Late Late Show was in on the joke.

Dave Kotinsky/GettyImages
Dave Kotinsky/GettyImages

To be honest I didn't know who James Cordon was. He hosts 'The Late Late Show' which follows David Letterman. Way past my bedtime but this prank did catch my attention.

In my opinion the prank was pulled off perfectly. Everyone was in on this except for James Cordon. They actually had a staff meeting to discuss switching up the set because they were fearful someone was going to fall down the stairs. When Katie Couric does fall he totally panics. He couldn't believe this just happened on his set.

Like I said executed perfectly. He introduces Katie, She falls, the band stops playing, he starts cussing and running to help her. That deserves a LOL!

Do you think Katie Couric is the winner of the greatest April Fools prank of the year? I haven't seen a better one yet.


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