There something about snow in April that just sucks, no matter how used to it you are.

I get it - we're in Central New York - snow happens. But does it have to happen in April? Right after I took down my Christmas wreath?

Here are 11 Things Central New Yorkers Think When It Snows in April:

  1. I guess I shouldn't have put the shovels away.
  2. Why do I live here?
  3. Yay! Maybe I can use the snowmobile one more time.
  4. This has to be an April Fool's Day joke, right?
  5. This is all my fault - I jinxed it when I washed all the winter coats and packed them away.
  6. I don't care - I'm not turning the heat back on - when it's off, it's off!
  7. I'm still wearing my sandals today. I don't care.
  8. Great! One more week where I don't have to pick up the dog turds in the yard.
  9. Can I put a bathing suit on a snowman?
  10. Why do I even let myself feel hopeful about warm weather?
  11. You know what? Nicky Doodles, Bonomo's, and the Ice Cream Factory are all open. That's spring enough for me.

What do you say to yourself when it snows in April? Let us know

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