Kaaterskill Falls in Greene County is one of the most beautiful destinations in New York State. At over 260 feet, this is the state's highest cascading waterfall. It has been a popular destinations for well over 100 years and it is also one of the deadliest.

On Monday afternoon, Kaaterskill Falls claimed another life and this time it was one of 'man's best friends'.

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On Monday February 7th the owner of a dachshund reached out to Forest Rangers with a recovery request. Sadly the unleashed pup got away from this individual, slipped, and hit a fence. The request was to recover their dog from Lower Falls of Kaaterskill Falls. Rangers responded with the use of technical gear to help them reach the dog in the icy conditions. By 4pm Rangers returned the deceased dog to its owner.

There have been 200 confirmed deaths over the years and this is the latest tragedy at Kaaterskill Falls but not the first dog to lose his life. There is the legend of "Bayard of Dogs".

Lainie Rae
Lainie Rae

Atlas Obscura reports about a dog named Vite, "The Bayard of Dogs", who jumped from the top of the falls. Legend has it that Vite lost track of his owner, who made his way to the bottom. Once he saw the owner, his reaction was that jumping would be the quickest way to reunite but Vite did not survive this decision.

Is this just urban legend? A made up story for the ages? Well, if you can find it, there is an engraved plaque, dated June 1868, near the top tier of the waterfall and it is dedicated to Vite, the "Bayard of Dogs”.

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