Not all heroes wear capes - some are just called 'Mom'. This month, Jennifer Shaler of Utica joins the Super Mom Squad - because she deserves to have her accomplishments celebrated.

Jenn was nominated by an anonymous friend. Here's why:

Jenn is the amazing mom of SIX children. She gave birth to

twins, and added four bonus kids through adoption from foster care. Her life isn't easy but she still manages to volunteer for all kinds of things for her kids. When she is too busy to be there in person, she bakes goodies for her kids' Sports teams, just to help in whatever way she can. She is a strong advocate for each of her children, no matter the issue or celebration.
Probably my favorite Mama Jenn moment is when her family adopted their youngest daughter. Knowing their family was finally complete was a great moment. It was also a huge relief for her to officially be a permanent family member.
Jenn is a great friend, and an even better mom. We could use a lot more people like her in the world.

Congratulations Jenn - you're a Super Mom - doing what you have to do for your family and making life better for so many children. We want to celebrate you!

We don't have a magical cape, but Jenn does get a $200 gift card to Kinney Drugs where she can choose from a variety of items to brighten her day. Congratulations Jenn! 

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