30 years ago, an iconic theme park in Upstate NY went through a major metamorphosis adding new thrill rides, more attractions, and a hot new jingle, all while unveiling a  brand new name.

Storytown becomes the Great Escape

Now known as The Great Escape, when this theme park opened in 1954 it was called Storytown USA. It was a Mother Goose-themed amusement park by businessman Charles Wood.  In 1957, Wood realized that the park, which was geared only toward small children, needed more.

Ghost Town

So Wood added the Ghost Town area, the first of many themed areas opened in the park's history.  For decades, Storytown USA operated as one the more pre-eminent theme parks of its time.

But, in 1983, the park officially changed its name from Storytown USA to The Great Escape, and in 1984, The Great Escape opened the Steamin' Demon, the first of its eventual seven roller coasters.

Do you remember this commercial and jingle?

Sometime between 1983 and the Spring of 1984, as the theme park was undergoing its massive transformation, a new image was born in the form of this classic 80s TV commercial announcing the change and the ad is fantastic, as well as the narration and jingle!

You need an escape and you crave one
So have yourself a great one
The Great Escape
Break out and fly let loose ride high
Set yourself free in the wonderful world of fantasy

With over 100 rides shows and attractions
We've grown into a great new name
Storytown is Now the Great Escape!
The Great Escape, the Great, Great, Great...Great Escape!

Kind of makes me long for the days when we left the park and couldn't wait to see if park employees left a sticker on our car!

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