If you're upset that CBS cut out the last part of the show Sunday night, you can stream the entire thing now.

Hopefully once you start streaming Billy Joel: The 100th it won't cut out during literally his most famous song.

Fans were obviously upset over the fact that many CBS affiliates cut out during "Piano Man" and rightfully so. You waited and watched an entire special just to have to cut to the nightly news? That should be a jail time offense. I'm kidding, but am I?

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The good news for anyone who missed out is that the entire special is streaming for you on Paramount Plus

While I understand the frustration of missing out on the show, it's not like this is Billy Joel's final concert. The man is still going to perform. Crappy thing to happen? Yes. End of the world? No.

The whole televised special was kind of a mess. It started late because of the Masters coverage going late, and then to have it cut off early just kind added to everyone's frustration.

"After CBS making the Billy Joel televised concert late because of golf, the local news just cut off PIANO MAN !!!! I cannot even!!! You had three minutes. That’s it!! I sat through two hours and you cut off his signature song!"

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are viewing a televised event like this is that you didn't pay for it. CBS, unless you're subscribed and watching it via Paramount Plus, is free. The fact that you got to watch this for no money should be something you are grateful for.

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