New York is home to a diverse range of bird species, including the hummingbird. Many bird enthusiasts in the state enjoy attracting these small, colorful creatures to their gardens by setting up hummingbird feeders.

However, the presence of other birds can sometimes deter hummingbirds from accessing these feeders. To maintain an exclusive dining experience for your hummingbird guests, here are some expert tips on how to stop other birds from using a hummingbird feeder in your New York backyard.

Position the Feeder Strategically

One effective strategy is to position the hummingbird feeder in a location that is easily accessible to hummingbirds but less accessible to larger birds. Try to find a spot with tree foliage or in a quieter area of your garden. By creating an environment that only hummingbirds can easily navigate, you increase the likelihood of attracting them while deterring larger birds.

Provide Alternative Food Sources

Offering alternative food sources for larger birds can help divert their attention away from hummingbird feeders. Consider placing additional bird feeders with food such as oranges or jelly, which are favored by nectar-loving species like orioles. By providing these alternative feeding options, you can reduce the competition between different bird species for access to the hummingbird feeder.

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Use Baffles or Cages

To physically discourage larger birds from using the hummingbird feeder, you can install baffles or cages around it. These barriers are designed specifically for hummingbird feeders and are effective at keeping larger birds at bay. Placing a clear baffle around the feeder creates a protective barrier that prevents access by larger birds, ensuring that only hummingbirds can enjoy the feeder's offerings.

Maintain Feeder Cleanliness

Keeping the hummingbird feeder clean is essential not only for the health of the hummingbirds but also for deterring other birds. Regularly cleaning the feeder helps prevent spoilage of the nectar, which can be caused by other birds dropping debris into the liquid. By keeping your feeder clean and with fresh food, you reduce the risk of attracting unwanted visitors to the feeder.

Provide Nectar-Rich Plants

Attracting hummingbirds to your New York backyard goes beyond just providing a feeder. Planting nectar-rich flowers such as bee balm, trumpet vine, and salvia can create an enticing environment for hummingbirds. By offering a variety of natural nectar sources, you increase the chances of attracting these delightful birds while also providing food options that are exclusive to them.

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