There are a few scenarios, each very different, as forecasters look at the weather models for this weekend. One model shows the chance for sunshine this Saturday for Utica's St. Patrick's Day Parade. Another model shows rain Friday night into Saturday. Finally, a third shows a low pressure weather event that could bring significant snow to the region on Friday night and Saturday.

Like the storm this past weekend that delivered only a few inches of snow despite a forecast of up to 12 inches, this storm will be tricky to predict, according to WUTR meteorologist Craig Flint.

Flint said it all depends on how the storm, moving across the country from the west, tracks as it travels eastward, and what the temperature is up in the sky when the precipitation falls. "The good news is that the ground is warmer and the snow doesn't stay around for long," said Flint. The meteorologist who started his new job at WUTR last Friday, also said that we're almost out of the woods when it comes to big snowstorms.

"The chance of a major snowstorm significantly drops after March 15th," he said.

If the storm does hit the area it would begin as snow on Friday night and continue into Saturday. Meanwhile, the current forecast for Friday during the day is for sunshine, the only day this week that the forecast doesn't include all county skies. Right now the National Weather Service is calling for snow showers on Saturday.

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Utica's St. Patrick's Day Parade is set to step-off on Saturday at 10 AM down Genesee Street in the city.

This coming week is also the weekend our clocks "spring forward" one hour. We'll be losing an hour of sleep on Sunday, but we'll all experience an extra hour of daylight in the evening. Officially, the clocks move forward btw one hour at 2 AM on Sunday.

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